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Safe and Vault Opening Tools
Below are some of the safe opening tools, lock decoders and lock picks that Safecracker have designed, manufactured or invested in which enable us to provide the best Safe Opening Service possible:

The Safecracker Universal Safe Make Up Key - Designed By Safecracker.
We are now able to offer Safecracker's new universal safe make-up key to other safe engineers. With a basic price of £220 for the key, bolt thrower and first 24 key bits.

As our key bits are produced in house on our own CNC machines, further bits are readily available at time of purchase or on later request.

Once you have purchased your safecracker Universal safe opening key, all you then need to do is just buy the bits and bolt thrower for other locks within its range. The price of the key bits are based on their stock metal and CNC time to produce and not on the class of lock. The key bits for the Mauer President cost the same as the key bits for the Mauer Variator. For easy identification, all key bits are also clearly numbered.

For example, you buy the Safecracker universal safe make-up key with a bolt thrower and 4 of each of the 6 heights for the STUV 11 lever lock for £220. You then want to add the STUV 8 lever too. As you already have the key all you would buy is say 4 of each of its 6 heights and and a bolt thrower which would add £140 to the cost. So for only £360 plus postage, you have the make-up keys for both the STUV 11 and 8 lever locks. A bonus to this is that with a scope and this kit the STUV 8 Lever lock can also be visually decoded and opened.

Universal Safe Make Up Key

The picture above shows 2 universal make up keys, one with a STUV 11 bolt thrower attached and the other with a Mauer Variator bolt thrower. The pots have bits from different locks within the current range CAWI 2641, STUV 8 Lever, STUV 11 Lever, Mauer President, Mauer Variator. More locks are being added as fast as we can.

Please call for further details.

Spikemaster II Electronic Lock Bypass System.
One of the problems with a lot of electronic safe locks is that if you forget the combination you have to drill in to the safe in order to open it. The Spikemaster 2 system allows a number of electronic combination locks to be opened via the pre-drilled hole in the safe door. Although a drilled safe can be repaired, this system allows us to provide a safe opening service where it may not be necessary.

Spikemaster 11 electronic lock bypass

Bespoke Drill Bits - Made By Safecracker.
Because some safes require tools to open them that are not commercially produced by any manufacturer, we make and adapt our own tools to complete the safe opening. Below is one of our own adapted HSS drill bits that we have greatly extended to give us the reach in to the safe to get the safe opened as professionally as possible. This picture was taken while opening a Ministry Grade safe in a building society.

Safe Opening Drill Bits

Handmade Lock Decoders - Designed By Safecracker.
Our own hand made lock decoders and makeup keys. This short version one is designed to open STUV safe locks.

STUV Lock Decoder

Brattonsound Gun Safe Key - Designed By Safecracker.
Brattonsound gun safe make-up key. We designed this high security key so when not in use the pins can be removed and stored in the handle. This key is also sold by us to gun owners. Protect your guns and other valuables, with a key that only you know the correct code to. Please contact us for payment details.

Brattonsound Gun Safe key

Fichet Monopole Decoder (original)

Fichet Monopole Decoder

Apart from being close to a modern day work of art, this tool picks open the older single and twin long vain Fichet monopole locks. We are one of the only UK safecrackers who own this highly sought after pick.

Mauer President Decoder and Pick:

Mauer President Decoder

The Mauer President, because of its low price and high security has become one of the most popular safe locks fitted on UK safes today. With the right tools and knowledge these locks are not to difficult to pick open.

ITL2000 Auto Safe Dialer:

ITL2000 Auto Safe Dialer

The ITL2000 is a robotic safe dialer, which when left set-up and alone on a safe will dial all the known combinations on a safe lock until it finds the right one and opens the combination safe lock. Average opening time is quoted as around 6 hours. But with basic safe manipulation skills used before hand, opening times can come down to 40 minutes.

With the correct knowledge and programming this unit can also be used to open Chubb Mk4 Manifoil locks, which are a manipulation proof lock.


Lagard 2200 Pick:

Lagard 2200 pick

The La Gard 2200 style lock is a key operated wheel lock. This pick turns picking them open in to a simple task. For a lost key opening, this pick turns the lock in to an at most 256 possible combination lock!

Fichet Monopole Decoder

Fichet Monopole Decoder

This decoder designed by John Falle is one of a two part tool set designed to pick open the more modern Fichet monopole locks. We also have the original Fichet monopole lock pick designed by Tim Taylor.

STUV Decoder and Pick:

STUV Decoder

A very clever way of opening these locks without to much trouble. In the UK this tool is sold by Safeventures who also sell our E3 Locks non destructive lock opening tools.

L&F Opening Tool and Picks (SUPER H-6-7 PICKING TOOL):

Lowe Fletcher Decoder

This tool is the best designed tool on the market for opening these locks. Very well thought out and designed a great addition to our safe lock opening arsenal.

Chubb LIPS Decoder:

Chubb LIPS Decoder


Chubb 6K75, 6K174, 6K202 Pin and Cam Systems:

Pin Cam System Chubb 6K75 6K174 6K202

Tann 9 Lever Pin and Cam System and Pick (both hand made by us):

Silver and brass handled tool above

Safe Specific Audio Amplifier:

Safe Audio Amp

Various Mag and Suction Drill Rigs:

Suction Safe Drill Rig

mag magnetic drill rig

Dedicated 2 in 1 Safe Picks:

2 in 1 Safe Picks

Including 2 in 1 picks for various high security single and double bitted safe lever locks. To support our own range of handmade picks, we also have hand made picks from Terry Staddon, Mike Comerford, Jason Jones and Tim Taylor.

High Optic Scopes and Light Sources

Safe Opening Scopes

Safe Combination Lock Manipulation Tools (designed by us):

Safe Combination Lock Manipulation Tool


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