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Wall Safe Opening Service
Wall safes are safes that are designed to be fitted in to a wall. As such most are made of steel plate tops, sides and bottom, as the barrier material to prevent attack is the wall that they are fitted in to. Their sizes are generally done in bricks. For example a two brick wall safe is the size of two bricks.

Companies who have produced wall safes include:

  • Chubb Safes
  • Radway Safes
  • Hamber Safes
  • Secureline Safes
  • Churchill Safes

No matter what make or type of lock is fitted to your wall safe safecracker can open it and return it back to use.

Chubb Combination Wall Safe Opening - Dolphin Square
When the elderly female owner of this Chubb drop chute wall safe sadley passed away her family were left with a locked safe and no knowledge of how to open it. They were also unable to locate a very rare family heirloom any where within the premises. They called safecracker and booked us to open their safe. We attended the address and opened the safe for them and were pleased to say that the heirloom was present within it. If you need a safe opening, just call Safecracker. Cracking safes is all we do!

Chubb Wall Safe Opening Service

Combination Wall Safe Opening in Shefford Bedfordshire
When the elderly owner of this wall safe sadley passed away, they had thought ahead and left the combination details with the executor of their will. Unfortunatly they had left it in a coded form!! Safecracker attended were shown the code and were able to work out the correct code and open the safe for them. Had we of not been able to work out the left code, it would not have been a problem as we could open the safe anyway. But it is always nice to beat an extra challange! If you need any safe opening call safecracker.

WS1 Wall Safe Opening

Chubb Combination Wall Safe Opening in West Sussex
When their elderly mother sadly passed away none of the siblings knew the combination of her locked Chubb combination lock wall safe. None of them also knew if it actually contained anything! The family contacted safecracker and arranged a date and time where the family could all be present and the safe opened. Safecracker attended and opened the safe for them. After the safe was open, safecracker reset the combination so that the safe was now ready to be used by the new owners. If you need a Chubb or anyother wall safe opening, call safecracker.

Chubb Combination Lock Wall Safe

Hamber Wall Safe - No Keys, Picked Open in Harrow
When the new owner of a house moved in he found this hidden Hamber wall safe. This Hamber wall safe was locked and no keys had been left behind. Although he owns a property management company who employ locksmiths, none of them were able to open his safe. He then called safecracker. I attended and using a basic 2 in 1 pick, I picked open the 7 lever lock on this Hamber wall safe and restored it back to full use with two new keys. If you need a locked Hamber safe opening, just call safecracker.

Hamber Wall Safe Opening Service

Chubb Combination Wall Safe Opening Central London
When the re-developers of a large flat in London's Grovesnor Square found this locked and hidden Chubb combination wall safe in the premises they telephoned Safecracker. We attended and opened this Chubb combination wall safe with no damage and returned it back to full use. If you have a Chubb combination wall safe or any other safe that needs opening, call safecracker

Chubb Combination Wall Safe Opening

Chubb Wall Safe Opening Central London
The executor of a will contact Safecracker after he had found this locked safe in the premises that he was dealing with. A locksmith had attended but had not been able to open it
. Safecracker arranged to meet the executor at the premises on a Sunday afternoon. We then opened the safe for him with no damage. If you need a wall safe opening, call safecracker.

Chubb Wall Safe Opening Service

Locked Wall Safe No Combination Known - SE London
When the new owners moved in to their flat they found this wall safe. But no-one knew the combination to it. They also needed a pair of pliers to turn the dial
. They called safecracker. We attended an quickly diagnosed the problem, and also noted that whilst dialling no contact points could be felt. We then opened this wall safe and returned it back to full use replacing the missing lock part in the process. If you need any locked wall safe opening call safecracker.

S and G Locked Wall Safe

Chubb Wall Safe No Keys - St. Albans
When the new owners moved in to this property they found this fitted Chubb wall safe , no keys had been left
and they had no way of opening it. They called safecracker, we attended and opened their Chubb wall safe and restored it back to full use. If you need a Chubb wall safe opening, call safecracker.

Chubb wall safe

Chubb Wall Safe No Combination Known - Surrey
The owners of this Chubb Combination Wall Safe inherited it when they purchased the house but never knew the correct combination to open it.
They called safecracker. Without causing any damage to the safe or lock safecracker were able to open the combination lock for them. We then set a new combination in to the lock and before leaving ensured that they could correctly dial the number and open the lock.

Chubb wall safe combination lock

Chubb Wall Safe London N20
This Chubb wall safe was found in a shop by the new tenants. We picked the Chubb lock open and re-keyed it
. Call Safecracker if you have lost the keys to your Chubb wall safe.

Chubb Wall Safe Opening

Radway Wall Safe Lost Keys - Totteridge
The owner of this small Radway wall safe had lost the keys to open it. She called safecracker and we attended and opened the safe. We also changed the levers around in the lock and supplied new keys. If you have a Radway safe that needs opening call safecracker.

Radway Wall Safe

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