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Old and Antique Safe Opening Service
Old style safes were built to last and that is exactly what has happened. Many have now survived long past the company that made them. Many area still in use daily but just as many are found by new owners of property and sadly at the homes of deceased relatives. If you have an old or antique safe which needs opening call Safecracker.

Just some of the names amongst the 100's you will see are:

  • Samuel and Thomas Withers safe
  • Milner Safe
  • Whitfield Safe
  • Ratner Safe
  • James Dix safe
  • Birmingham Safe Company
  • Coleman Safe
  • Tann Safe
  • Perry Safe
  • Davis Safe

Old Safe Picked Open - Clacton
The owner of this safe came home to find out that his house had suffered a burglary and althought the keys to this safe had been stolen as part of a buch, the safe had not been found and all its contents had remained where they were. Safecracker attended and picked open this safe with no damge to the safe. If you have a safe and for any reason do not have the keys to open it, call safecracker, the professional safe opening service.

Old safe picked open

Withers Safe Opening - Ash Museum Surrey
This Withers safe had sat as part of the display in Ash museum for a number of years, with none of the museum's trustee's knowing what its contents were. They called safecracker and asked us to assist. We attended and with the truestee's present opened the safe for them. Below is a picture of me scoping the lock before opening it. We were all pleased to see that the safe was loaded with records and hand written ledgers, in fact the first one they looked at from the top of the pile was dated from before I was even born! If you need any safe opening call safecracker one of the UK's only full time professional safecrackers.

Withers Safe Opening

Old Safe Found After 20 Years Picked Open - Barking FC
When the owners of Barking Football Club decided to knock down their old boarded up buildings to build new ones they found this old safe locked inside. Nobody had been in to the buildings for over 20 and no keys could be found. Safecracker were called. Safecracker attended and picked open the safe, revealling the contents, two tiers of a plus 20 year old wedding cake!! If you have a safe you need opening, call safecracker.

Old Safe Opening Service

Birmingham Safe Opening - Lost Keys
When the owners were clearing out their late fathers estate they found this Birmingham Safe Company safe under the stairs. They could remember it from their childhoods, but could not find the key to open it. With the house now being sold, they called safe cracker. Safecracker attended the next day and picked open the lock on this Birmingham Safe Company old safe. If you need a Birmingham safe or any other safe opening, just call safecracker.

Birmingham Safe Company

James Dix Safe Opening - Lost Keys
When the owner of this James Dix safe lost the key to it he called safecracker. We attended and opened his james Dix Safe for him. We then hand cut new keys for the fitted lock and put it back in to full service. If you need a james Dix safe or any other safe opened in the Tottenham area call safecracker.

James Dix Safe Opening

Ratner Safe - No Keys
When the new owners moved in to a house 15 years ago they were told by the previous owners that the Ratner safe in the premises was locked and that they had never had the keys for it.
Recently the owners needed a working safe so after testing the door and not being able to open it they called Safecracker asking us to attend, open the safe and put it back in to full service. Safecracker attended. We turned the spindle and pulled the door which promtly swung open! For the last 15 plus years the safe had been sitting unlocked with the door pushed closed. We then put the safe back in to full service. If you need a safe opening, first check that it is not already unlocked but then call safecracker.

Ratner Safe Opening

Davis Safe - Found In Cellar
When a home was being cleared this locked Davis Company safe was found in the cellar. All the keys that could be found were tried but none fitted. Safecracker were called. We attended and opened this Davis Company safe for them. If you need a Davis Company Safe or any other safe to be opened call safecracker.

Davis Safe Opening Service

Milner Safe - Found In New Home - Rusted Shut
When the owners moved in to their new home, they found this Milners floor safe, fitted in to a wall in their cellar. As they were not able to open it, they called safecracker. We attended and quickly establish that the lock was already in the open position. From looking at the condition of the wall surrounding the safe and listening to the door as we tapped around it with a hammer, we were able to work out the reason that the safe would not open. We then used a safecrackers guarded technique to open the door. Once open we confirmed that the damp from the walls had caused the lockout, and because of the amount of rust there was, it had also rendered the safe as an uneconomical repair. If you have a safe that needs opening call safecracker. Remember a lock may not be the only reason your safe will not open.

Milner 212 fire protecting safe

John Tann Book Room - New Owner Believed To Be Locked
When the new owners to a large house in Cambridge believed that a John Tann Book Room door was locked they telephoned Safecracker. By instructing them on the phone and listening to the safe, I was able to tell them that the safecracker was sure that the safes lock was in fact open. Safecracker quoted them a much cheaper service call out fee. Safecracker attended and opened the John Tann book room door. If you need a John Tann safe opened call safecracker.

John Tann Safe


Ratner Bankers Engineers Safe - Lost Combination in Kent
When the owners of this twin door Ratner safe needed it it opening and didn't have the combination they called safecracker. We attended and opened this Ratner safe for them. If you have any old safe which needs opening call safecracker.

Ratner Twin Door Safe


City of London - Forgotten/Lost Silver Treasure
When one of the famous main Churches in the central city of London decided to carry out an audit of all their assets they came to realise that they had an unopened John Tann book room in the cellar and a nondescript safe in a side store room and that they had no knowledge of either of their contents. They called safe cracker. Not only did we open both doors, on opening the second one, we found it full of a lost silver treasure which had been missing for over 50 years.

Lost Silver Found In Safea


Milners 212 Fire Resisting Safe - Lost Safe Keys in London
When the owner of this old Milners 212 safe lost the keys for it he called safecracker. We attended and opened his Milners 212 safe for him. To ensure that it continued to give another 100 years of service we even supplied a refurbished lock from our stock of old safe locks. If you have an old safe which needs opening or need a part for an old safe call safecracker.

Milners 212 Patent Fire Resisting Safe

Cotterill Safe Lost Keys and Contents Unknown!
This old E. Cotterill Safe safe arrived at the safecracker workshop locked with no keys or anyone knowing what the contents were! Safecracker opened the locked E. Cotterill safe and recovered the contents. If you need any old style safe opened please call safecracker.

Cotterill Safe

Coleman Safe Lost Keys - Essex
Safecracker were called to this Coleman Safe after the owner misplaced the safe keys. Safecracker attended and opened the locked Coleman safe. If you need a safe opened please call safecracker.

Coleman Safe


Old Burnside Safe Found In Probate House
A customer telephoned safecracker saying that they had found an old Burnside safe in a house which was in probate and needed the safe opened. A safe engineer quickly attended and opened the safe. If you have found a safe and need it opened please call safecracker.

Burnside Safe

London Excelsior Safe in Barnet
Safecracker were called to this Excelsior Safe from London Safes where the owner could no longer use his safe key to open. We were quickly able to identify the problem and open the safe. We serviced the safe lock, returning it to its full working condition.
If you have any doubts about your safe, call safecracker to attend and service the safe and save any safe opening costs.

Old London Excelsior Safe

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