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Milners Safe Opening Service
Thomas Milner started making safes in the 1850's merging with Chatwood Safes to form Chatwood Milner in the 1956. The most common safe that Milner made which is still very much in use today is the Milner 212 Fire Resisting Safe. If you have a Milner safe that needs to be opened call safecracker.


Milners 212 Fire Resisting Safe - Lost Safe Keys in London
When the owner of this old Milners 212 safe lost the keys for it he called safecracker. We attended and opened his Milners 212 safe for him. To ensure that it continued to give another 100 years of service we even supplied a refurbished lock from our stock of old safe locks. If you have an old safe which needs opening or need a part for an old safe call safecracker.

Milners 212 Patent Fire Resisting Safe

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